3 Task To Do This Spring In Your Yard

As you get back in your yard, there are some tasks that you should attend to first this spring. Pruning your bushes and trees, removing and preventing weeds, and fertilizing your yard and trees are all tasks that will help get your yard on the right track this spring.

Prune Your Bushes & Trees

One of the first things you should do is prune your bushes and trees. For most bushes and trees in your yard, except for ones that flower in the spring, it is best to prune your bushes and trees in the spring. By pruning your bushes early on, you will remove unnecessary old growth and promote new growth on your trees and bushes. This will help the plants in your yard thrive and grow productive new branches this spring.

If you have any dead or dying trees on your property, hire a tree removal service to come out and remove them right away. You don't want them to fall unexpectedly on someone or something.

Remove & Prevent Weeds

Second, you are going to want to remove and prevent weeds. As soon as it gets nice outside, weeds like to pop up and make their presence known. To combat weeds, pull them out as soon as you see them. If you have an area of your yard where you know weeds show up frequently, treat that area of your yard with some herbicide.

There are also treatments that you can put on your grass that will prevent weeds from coming up. It can be hard to pull out weeds in your yard, so preventing them from growing in the first place is often the best way to go.

In your flower beds, you can remove weeds and put down fresh covering that will prevent weeds from growing.

Fertilizer Your Yard & Trees

Third, spring is a great time to fertilize the permanent vegetation in your yard. Spread fertilizer around the root base of all of the trees in your yard. Mix in fertilizer with the soil around any new plants that you add to your yard.

Find some fertilizer for your yard. You can find a mix of fertilizer and grass seed for your yard. This will help promote the growth of new grass and ensure that the grass that is present grows as nice and thick as possible.

If you want to get your yard ready for spring, you need to do a little prep work. Start by pruning the trees and bushes in your yard to promote growth throughout the summer. Remove weeds from your yard, and install coverings to prevent weeds from growing in your flowerbeds and treat your grass for weeds before they show up. Finally, fertilizer all the permanent fixtures in your yard such as the trees, bushes, and grass to help promote their growth over time.