3 Tips To Prevent Summer Insect Infestations From Causing Severe Tree Damage

The weather is getting warmer outside and insects are getting ready to attack. Before the infestations cause damage to trees, there are some things that you can do to fight back. Now is a time when you will want to do treatments and tree care to help keep the insects away. You may also want to have infected trees removed and destroyed to ensure that the insect problems stay away from your trees. Here are some tips to help prevent summer insect infestations from causing damage to your trees:

1. Remove and Destroy Nearby Infestations Before They Spread

There are different types of insects that infest trees and cause serious damage. Foreign invaders like them emerald ash beetle can cause serious damage to trees, which need to be removed and destroy. In addition to the invasive species of insects, there are also domestic problems like termites, ants and other insect species that cause damage to trees. Before the hot summer weather, have infected trees removed. After removal of the trees, destroy the waste or have it treated to prevent the infestation from spreading to healthy trees on your property.

2. Have Your Property and Trees Treated for Insects That Cause Damage

There are also preventive measures that you can take to protect your property from insect infestations of plants and trees. You will want to have treatments applied to control insects and keep them away from your home. For your trees, use bait traps to deal with existing problems and take measures to keep insects from returning. It is usually a bad idea to use bait traps if there is not an existing problem. Talk with a tree service about solutions to help prevent insect infestations and keep the bugs away.

3. Proper Tree Trimming for Healthier Trees That Are Resistant to Insect Infestations

Trimming your trees properly is one of the most important things that you can do to keep insect infestations away. Proper pruning will help ensure your tree grows healthy, which will make it more resistant to insects and disease that cause damage. In addition, tree trimming will prevent problems like broken branches that expose the tree to insects and make it more vulnerable.

These are some tips to help prevent summer insect infestations from causing damage to your trees. If you need help with treatments, removal or trimming, contact a tree service, like Kaily's Tree, before the weather gets too hot and the insects start their attack on your trees.