Protect Those Leafy Tree Tops: How To Avoid Problems When You Prune Your Trees

If your trees are looking a little overgrown, and you think it's time to prune them, make sure you avoid harming them in the process. You might not realize this, but making mistakes while you're pruning your trees could actually cause a lot of harm. In fact, pruning mistakes may actually kill your trees. Here are some tips that will ensure your trees stay healthy and safe during pruning.

Never Trim From the Top

When it comes to pruning your trees, it's important that you never trim from the top. You may think that taking a little off the top is a safe thing to do. However, removing growth from the top of your tree, or topping it, can actually do considerable damage. First, it can leave your tree disfigured. Second, it can weaken the supporting branches and trunk. Finally, it can stunt future growth, and lead to premature growth.

Know the Right Time to Prune

If you're going to be pruning your trees, it's crucial that you choose the right time. Pruning your trees at the wrong time can cause irreparable harm. If your trees are suffering from pest infestations or disease, you should avoid pruning your trees. You should also avoid pruning your trees if they've experienced recent damage. Pruning your trees too soon after trauma can make it difficult for them to recover, which could lead to death.

Leave the Branch Collar Intact

If you're going to be removing branches while you're pruning your tree, make sure that you leave the branch collar intact. That's the main joint that connects the branch to the main trunk. The branch collar contains restorative cells that your tree uses to heal after injury – including pruning. If the branches are removed too close to the trunk, those cells are also removed. Unfortunately, that means your tree won't have the protection it needs to heal properly, which means infections can occur. If that happens, you could lose your trees. To avoid this problem, never prune your trees so that the cuts are flush with the trunk.

Hire a Professional Tree Serviced

A lot of mistakes can be made when trees are pruned. Unfortunately, those mistakes can kill your trees. If you're not sure how to prune your trees, or your trees have recently endured trauma, it's a good idea to hire a professional tree service, like Greatland Tree Service. With professional pruning, you'll know that your trees are well-protected.