Here's What The Tree Removal Company You Hire Should Be Able To Offer You

Are there one or more trees on your property that you'd like to have professionally removed? Here's what the company you hire to do the job should be able to offer you.

Excavation Services

It's crucial to make sure that the company you hire to remove old trees from your yard offers excavation services, so you aren't left with stumps sticking out of the ground after the trees are taken away. Not all companies have the tools and resources needed to effectively get an entire tree trunk out of the ground. And if a tree trunk is left in the ground when the rest of the tree is removed, a new tree might end up growing back.

Even if that doesn't happen, tree trunks can be a hazard in the yard as people could trip over them. And they tend to take up a lot of space which can affect the overall design of your landscape. The company you hire should not only excavate the trunks when they remove your trees, but they should also be willing to haul the trunks away or mulch them onsite, so you can use the material in your garden.

Liability Protection

Because you won't be the one hiring and supervising any laborers who might show up to help your service provider remove your trees, you shouldn't have to be responsible for protecting anyone while working on your tree removal project. The company you hire should be fully licensed, insured, and maintain financial responsibility for anything that happens to their crew while on the job. In other words, if a crew member injures themselves on your property while removing a tree, you shouldn't have to worry about being sued.

Clean-up Services

The company you hire to remove trees from your property should also make sure that the site is cleaned up before leaving. Things like dead leaves, stripped bark, and broken branches should be picked up and carried offsite. Garbage, tools, and other items that the company doesn't necessarily need anymore should also be taken away. You should not have to make a special trip to the dump or start a bonfire in the yard to get rid of all the leftover debris once the tree removal project is complete.

Your best bet is to schedule a consultation with a local excavation company that offers tree removal services, as they'll likely be able to offer all of the features outlined here. Contact a company like LCI for more information and assistance.