Why Are Silver Maple Trees Bad For Your Property?

There is an impressive array of different tree varieties that will provide incredible value to your property. From offering cool shade in the summer to protecting your property from the wind, trees can definitely be a good thing. However, there are some trees out there that are considered to be nothing more than a nuisance when they are planted near a home or on a residential property of any kind, and a silver maple is one of the worst. Often deemed as a "trash tree" by professional tree services, there are good reasons why these trees should be removed if they are planted close to your house. 

Silver maple trees are extremely brittle. 

Maple trees are actually known to be a pretty resilient breed of trees, but there are exceptions, with the silver maple being a primary example. A lot of homeowners initially plant a silver maple tree because it grows quickly, so it can provide shade faster than a lot of slower growing trees. Because the tree grows so quickly, however, it does not grow as strong. The root system is shallow so it does not support the weight of the tree, and even heavy branches don't have a solid enough structure to stand up against even minor wind. 

Silver maple trees are notorious for damaging property. 

Because the silver maple tree has a shallow root system, the tree roots can push into everything from your septic system to your sidewalk as they grow. the root system grows and spreads at a rapid pace, but it tends to stay closer to the top of the ground instead of reaching downward like most other trees. It is fairly common for homeowners with these trees to see landscaping elements pushed out of place, roots growing into their foundation, and a full list of other issues. 

Silver maple trees are excessive moisture consumers. 

Perhaps one of the most frustrating and unexpected problems with silver maple trees is they use a lot of water to maintain their fast growth rates. This means that the water that would normally be used to sustain a healthy lawn, other trees, and any plants you desire to put out will be consumed by the tree. The problem is so bad that it is almost impossible to have a healthy stand of grass if you have a silver maple tree on your property because the greedy root system will suck up as much moisture as possible. 

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