Prune Your Trees – Why You Should Do It

Do you really need to have the trees on your property pruned? If you've never had your trees pruned, you probably don't see a reason to do it now, but there are several reasons that you need to have trees pruned from time to time. Here, you'll find a short list of those reasons.

Protect the Home

Having trees growing directly beside your home can help to keep things cool during the summer, but those long branches can actually cause problems if you don't keep them pruned back. If the roof is shaded through much of the day, your roof cold begin to grow moss and eventually begin to leak. If the branches brush up against the side of your home, the siding could become damaged and allow moisture to leak in and cause damage to the structure.

Pruning the tree branches back away from the house will allow you to keep your shade trees without all of the potential damage risks.

Reduce Falling Branches

Having your tree pruned will help to reduce the number of branches that fall throughout the year. Those branches are not only a pain to clean up, but they can also cause serious injuries if someone was to be underneath the tree when they fall.

During the pruning process, the dead and weak limbs will be removed and reduce the likelihood of falling branches.

Improved Health

You want your trees to stay healthy and pruning them can assist with that. As a tree is pruned, branches are carefully selected to be removed. The removal of excess branches will increase the sunlight and air that the rest of the tree receives through the day. If a tree is growing in too thick, it could become difficult for the sun to shine through to the ground and provide the plants under the tree the sustenance they need to thrive.

More Flower or Fruit Production

If you have flowering or fruit producing trees, the pruning will help to increase the number of blooms and the amount of fruit that it produces each year. This is due to the removal of excess branches that could be preventing the others from getting the sustenance they need and it will prevent overcrowding.

Talk with your local tree trimming professional at companies like Alley Tree Removal. He or she will walk you through the process and help you decide what trees to prune to keep your property safe and beautiful and the trees healthy and strong.