The Best Options For Removing Trees From Around Your Home Safely

Trees are beautiful and offer us things like shade in the summer, but sometimes a tree might be too close to your home or other building on your property and can create a dangerous situation. If the tree were to be blown down in a storm, it could damage your home or the building nearby, resulting in expensive repairs, not to mention the danger for people that were in the home. Sometimes, removal of these trees is the best and only option you have for dealing with them, but how do you do it safely?

What Makes A Dangerous Tree?

Old trees that are very large often have limbs that extend outward, far from the base of the tree. While the limbs may be strong and healthy, they can create a situation where the base or roots of the tree can no longer support the weight of the top and limbs. Sometimes soil erosion can cause there to be little for the roots to grab on to; other times it is just the size of the limbs that make them too heavy. In either case, the situation needs to be dealt with before the limbs come down or the tree topples completely. If you are unsure of the health of a large tree on your property, it is a good idea to have a tree company come take a look at the tree and evaluate it for you.

Removing The Danger

How do you deal with a tree that might be a problem without making the situation worse? You might have to remove some limbs from the tree or the tree may need to be removed completely. If you need to take the entire tree down, it has to be done correctly so it does not fall on your house. Hiring a tree company to come out and remove the limbs then take the tree down in sections is the best option. While you might get lucky and cut the tree to fall away from your home, if something goes wrong, you might have a hard time explaining to your insurance company why you were trying to do the job yourself.

Trimming A Large Tree To Keep It Healthy

You do not always need to take the entire tree down to create a safe situation. A lot of times the tree just needs to be trimmed and some of the heavier limbs trimmed back to keep the weight of the tree near the trunk. The tree may be strong overall but need a little help to remain that way and cutting back some limbs could be the best way to help it stay that way. A tree service like T's Trees can help. If the limbs are over your home or garage roof, just cutting them off and letting them fall could cause damage to the roof, and the tree company will often remove the limbs for you if you ask them to.