Planting And Maintaining Peach Trees

Most people already know how beneficial trees can be to your landscape. From added appeal and value to shade to help with energy efficiency, it is easy to see the benefits of planting trees around your home. Fortunately, some trees are also capable of providing fruit to your family. Due to its fast-growing nature of around 25 inches in a year, the peach tree is an excellent addition to your landscape if you want appeal, value, shade, and fruit. Here are a few tips to help you plant and maintain one or more peach trees around your home.


Location is important when planting your peach tree. Make sure to choose an area that receives full sun. This will help ensure the tree thrives while providing a bit of shade to a sunnier area of your yard. The soil should be well-drained, as well, since excess moisture can lead to fungal growth. 

If you are planting multiple trees, make sure to leave adequate space between each tree. Some peach tree varieties are capable of growing to a spread of 20 to 25 feet wide, so space your trees accordingly.


Planting is the easy part of growing peach trees since a good amount of maintenance will be necessary to keep your tree healthy, strong, and appealing. Apply a fertilizer that contains nitrogen in the summer after planting the tree in the spring. Fertilizer should also be applied the next year, in both the spring and summer.

Once established, fertilizer is only necessary one a year in the spring. This will help stimulate new growth while enhancing the look, color, and production of your peaches. Pruning is also essential. Without proper pruning, your peach tree will weaken, increasing the risk of decay and disease.

Prune the tree in the early weeks of spring, cutting away any shoots growing off the trunk of the tree. Prune away haphazard branches or any limbs that are rubbing/connecting one another. This will improve air circulation through the tree, reducing moisture and protecting the tree from fungal growth. If you notice discolored, decaying leaves, fruit, or wood, use your pruning shears to remove the damaged parts. Patches of dark green or brown growth may be a fungal disease, which can be treated with pruning and an application of fungicide.

A peach tree is a great investment for your home and family. This guide will help you plant and maintain one or more of these beautiful trees. For more information, contact a company like Robert Jefferies Logging & Tree Service.