An Arbor And Honeysuckle Plants Will Add Color, Depth, And A Pleasant Aroma To Your Yard

Honeysuckle is a perennial that is known for its fragrant blooms and its vine-like appearance. If you would like to add color, depth, and a pleasant scent to the corner of your yard, install an arbor and plant honeysuckle next to it. As the plants mature, each vine will wrap around the arbor's posts and lattice covering.

Perform Some Maintenance

Some basic lawn maintenance should be performed before installing an arbor or planting honeysuckle. The main objective is to enhance a specific part of your yard with the new additions, so choose a corner of your property that is rather barren and could benefit by having some landscaping features added to it.

If you are the type of person who enjoys lazy summer days while spending time outside book reading a book or sipping a cup of iced coffee, then keep this in mind when choosing a spot for the new addition.

Cut the grass, trim hedges and trees, and use a weed whacker to cut down weeds that are growing along the edges of your property. Gather up clippings and grass blades and place the items in a biodegradable lawn and leaf bag. 

Set Up The Arbor And Plant Honeysuckle

Purchase a lightweight arbor that is constructed of treated wood or metal. The components that the arbor is made of should be a color that will contrast well with the color of the honeysuckle plants. An arbor kit may contain some hardware that needs to be secured to pieces, so make sure that you have a power drill or screwdriver on hand.

The arbor posts need to be inserted in the ground. An auger is a tool that can be used to create a hole for each post. After creating holes that are several inches deep, insert the posts in them. Use hardware to secure the lattice cover to the posts.

Purchase a variety of honeysuckle plants that contain blooms that are a deep color, such as orange or yellow. Plant a couple of honeysuckles next to each awning post. Use a watering can to moisten the soil that is covering each plant's roots. 

Add Furnishings Near The New Addition

The honeysuckle plants will grow quickly as long as they are provided with ample sunlight and water. Honeysuckle vines will naturally work their way up the posts and wrap themselves around the wood or metal. Fragrant flowers will attract bees, birds, and various insects, so consider adding your furnishings several feet away from the arbor.

A hammock that is secured to a frame or a chaise lounge chair are two furnishings that will allow you to lay back and rest while you enjoy the beauty of the arbor and the fragrant honeysuckle blooms. Keep the new additions looking beautiful by trimming grass that surrounds them and pruning trees and other items that are nearby. 

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