Professional Arborist Tips For Pruning Trees Planted Too Close To Your House

If a previous owner of your home didn't plan very well and planted some trees too close to the house or other structures on your property, then use these professional arborist tips to prune them back safely.

Tip: Remove All Growth within a Foot of Your Home

Start the tree pruning process by working from the ground. Walk between the tree and your home and remove all growth that comes within a foot of your house. This is necessary to prevent moisture buildup around your home's exterior walls and foundation.

As you are pruning, make sure you pull back on each branch and let it sway around. This action simulates windy conditions and ensures all of the branches are trimmed in such a way that they won't hit the house when it's windy.

Tip: Prune Away Branches Overhanging the Roof

If your tree is large and has branches overhanging its roof, then they need to be removed. These branches are a danger to your roof's integrity in multiple ways:

  • branches dragging on your roof damage the shingles
  • branches overhanging your roof will break off and cause major roofing damage
  • leaves from overhanging branches fall on the roof and will rot and clog rain gutters

For these reasons, you should remove any overhanging branches. If the branches are not reachable from a ladder or your roof, then you should consider having a professional arborist remove them for you.

Tip: Rent a Bucket Lift if You Need to Trim Branches You Can't Reach from the Ground

If you need to use a ladder to reach some of the branches you need to prune, then you should seriously consider renting a bucket lift instead. It is very hard to stand on a ladder and handle a saw at the same time. It is also always a danger when you cut a branch it will kick back and take out your ladder from beneath you. You can prevent these dangers by renting a lift.

Tip: Call the Power Company if the Tree's Branches are Near the Power Lines

Finally, as you are inspecting your tree, if you notice any branches that are near power lines on the street or coming into your home, then you need to call the utility company and have them send out their specialized tree pruning crew. Trimming trees near power lines is incredibly dangerous, and you should never attempt this yourself.

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