3 Important Reasons To Consider Tree Removal

If you are a homeowner who loves your trees, it may be hard for you to think about ever cutting them down. While there are many advantages to having trees, such as providing shade and shelter, there may be times when the tree has to get removed.

Here are four important reasons you may have to consider tree removal.

1. Your Trees Are Diseased

Because trees are living things, they are susceptible to getting certain diseases. If one of your trees is diseased, you will most likely have to cut it down so that other trees on your property do not get the same disease. It's not uncommon for an infected tree to spread the disease to other trees, either by insects carrying the disease from one tree to another, or through the root system of the tree.

Some of the most common tree diseases include:

  • Dutch Elm Disease
  • Oak Wilt
  • Littleleaf Disease
  • Fire Blight
  • Sooty mold

The symptoms will depend on the type of the disease but any time the leaves turn color or fall from the tree when it's not the right season, it could mean the tree is diseased.

2. Your Tree Poses a Safety Hazard

It's not uncommon for trees to pose safety hazards. Sometimes trees grow too close to power lines or get too close to the roof of a home. If the tree gets blown down during a windstorm or struck by lightning and lands on a power line or roof, it can cause power outages or serious damage to your home. In some instances, your tree may simply need to be trimmed, but if the entire tree is old or unstable, the whole thing might have to come down.

Other safety hazards include:

  • Falling branches can hurt people and damage property
  • Trees can obstruct the vision of motorists
  • Downed trees and fallen branches can obstruct roadways

In order to prevent your trees from being a safety hazard, you should always remove dead trees and damaged limbs.

3. The Roots of Your Tree Are Causing Problems

There are instances when the root system of your tree can cause damage to your property. If a tree is planted too close to your home, the root system of the tree can cause problems with your home's foundation. If you have a septic system on your property, the root system of your tree can cause problems with this as well. If the roots of your tree are infiltrating your septic system or causing cracks in your foundation, you may need to remove the tree.