4 Ways To Allow A Tree Service To Help You Manage Your Trees

Trees provide shade and beauty, and they can even lower the temperature around your home in the summer. Some fruit-bearing trees even produce delicious food that you can enjoy. Tree maintenance is an important part of being a responsible homeowner. Keeping your trees trim and managed will prevent unwanted catastrophes. A tree service can provide all the tree trimming and removal services you'll need, including these four tasks:

1. Keep your tree branches trimmed

Trees grow quickly, especially in nutrient-rich soil in areas with high annual rainfall. A large, green tree can be beautiful, but branches that are excessively long or tall can become dangerous. Unmanaged tree branches can connect with power lines, causing a fire. They can also become unstable and fall onto rooftops during storms. A tree trimming service can prevent these accidents. A tree service will carefully remove unwanted branches using ladders and extendable saws, pruning your tree into safe and beautiful condition.

2. Remove unwanted or dangerous trees

Regular trimming can keep trees from growing unruly. Unfortunately, sometimes the problem is that there's a tree where you don't want a tree at all. If you no longer want one or more of your trees, or you have trees that have started to become unsafe due to internal rot, a tree service can remove them. The resulting timber will be hauled away, so you won't have to worry about disposing of it on your own.

3. Manage stumps from removed trees

When a tree is removed, it's typically felled near its base, leaving a stump behind. Tree services also often offer stump grinding and removal services. The option that's right for you will depend on your landscape and goals. Grinding a stump down will make it flush with the earth. This will allow you to walk safely on your lawn without tripping over the stump unexpectedly. Stump grinding is ideal for people who don't wish to disturb the earth around the tree that was removed. When you leave the tree roots intact, you won't end up with a large hole in your yard.

4. Remove stumps completely

Stump removal is a more intensive process, but sometimes it's warranted. If the roots of your tree are causing problems, you will need to remove them from your property to resolve those issues. Sometimes tree roots can threaten in-ground septic tanks and pipes. If your tree is threatening to compromise the integrity of your plumbing, it's wise to have the offending roots excavated before you end up with plumbing repair bills.

For more info, reach out to a local tree service.