5 Reasons to Trim Your Trees During the Summer

Most people who are familiar with pruning know that pruning is beneficial during the winter when trees are dormant. But there are various benefits to tree trimming during summer too.

If you want your trees to thrive this summer, consider trimming your trees. Summertime pruning helps trees in many ways.

1. Promote vigorous and healthy growth

Summertime gives tree trimmers a chance to assess a tree's growth patterns accurately. This ability allows professionals to identify and remove weak points in a tree's canopy. They can also remove aggressive growth and redirect growth in a more healthy direction.   

2. Remove dead and diseased branches

Dead branches are more visible during the summer when a tree's canopy is in full bloom. Dead branches harm trees by blocking sunlight, reducing air circulation, and rubbing against other branches growing nearby. A professional can identify and remove dead branches more easily during the summer. And tree trimming or pruning removes diseased branches before the disease can spread further.

3. Prevent pest infestation

If you spot pests such as mites or aphids on your tree's branches, a professional can remove the pests and the branches that have been damaged by those pests. This will allow your tree to flourish during the summer and produce healthier leaves, branches, and fruit.

4. Boost fruit growth

If your trees produce fruit, then pruning can help you to boost fruit production. For instance, selective pruning of branches can open up your tree's canopy and allow more sunlight to penetrate the canopy. This will help your tree produce more food from sunlight, which will boost fruit growth.

And by redirecting growth to certain branches via pruning, you can promote the growth of strong and sturdy branches, with a steady supply of food transported to certain areas. These branches will produce large fruits in abundance. Tree trimming also improves air circulation, which keeps pests and disease at bay.

5. Improve shape and structure

Winter and spring storms can damage trees and alter their structure. This leaves them looking unattractive during the summer months once they begin to bloom. By removing damaged branches during the summer, you can restore your trees' former shape and structure. The more beautiful your trees are, the more value they add to your property and the surrounding area.

If you think your trees could benefit from some summertime trimming, hire services like Schulhoff Tree & Lawn Care, Inc. With the help of a professional tree trimmer, your trees will look their best and remain healthy throughout the summer.