Is Stump Grinding A Good Option? 5 Questions To Ask

How to best deal with a stump after a tree removal is a common question. Most people decide to leave it in place or grind it out, but grinding it out is often the best choice. 

1. Is the Stump Highly Visible?

A stump can detract from the appearance of your landscaping, particularly if your lawn and yard feature a groomed and more formal look. Although some people try to dress stumps up in a decorative manner, over time they tend to begin rotting and looking bad anyway. A stump that is clearly visible can be a major cosmetic issue, so grinding it out so you can renovate the lawn over the old tree scar provides a vast improvement appearance-wise. 

2. Does the Stump Lie In a Path?

If you have children playing in the yard or even people frequently cutting through your yard, such as to get to a door, then a stump can pose a tripping hazard. They can also pose an issue if they lie in the path of a lawnmower since stumps can be difficult to mow and weed trim around. For the sake of safety and easy lawn maintenance, you may want to grind out the stump.

3. Are Termites a Concern?

In areas where termites are active, consider a stump a major risk factor. Old tree stumps provide the perfect environment for a colony — moist, dead wood. Although the termites pose no issues while colonizing the stump, as their food source depletes they may move to nearby structures to seek out a new food source. You don't want these pests colonizing near the home, so remove the stump and minimize the risks.

4. Do Animal Pests Den Nearby?

Certain animal pests, like skunks, are sometimes drawn to an old stump to dig out a den. These pests will burrow between the roots or under the stump to create a home in your yard. Pests in the yard can destroy landscaping plants, dig up the yard, or pose a risk to people and pets on the property. If there is a known wildlife population problem in your area, then the stump needs to go.

5. Will Suckers Spring Up?

Some deciduous tree varieties don't simply die once they are cut down. They will try to rejuvenate by sending up shoots around the stump, which are called suckers. You must constantly cut back the suckers to keep the tree from growing back, and the suckers may even shoot up far from the stump from buried roots. Grinding out the stump will typically solve any suckering issues.

Contact a stump grinding service if you have more questions.