Did You Remain With A Stump After Tree Removal? Here Is How To Remove It

If you own property with trees, you have likely had several removed over the years. Tree removal leaves behind stumps, which can become another complication. First, they are a complete eyesore on an otherwise beautiful landscape. Besides this, they can become breeding grounds for moss, lichen, and pests. It is advisable to remove them when you realize they are becoming a problem for your yard. Here are four options that tree removal experts offer when it comes to removal. 


The first way to deal with a tree stump is by digging it up by the roots. This method is only effective for smaller trees. Large ones tend to have a deep and extensive root system. Trying to uproot them will lead to extensive excavation and damage to your property. For smaller trees, you can dig up the radius surrounding the roots and expose them. Once the system gets exposed, you can use a root saw to break it down. Breaking down the root system will loosen the stump, and you can pull it out of the soil. 


If the roots are too deep, uprooting the tree will be impossible. It is advisable to use a grinder. This process is a little more complex than uprooting, and it involves heavy-duty machinery. The tree removal expert will grind it down to the roots. If you hire the grinder and choose to handle the process, remember to clear the area close to the tree to avoid accidents. The machine will cover the tree bit and the roots that surround it. 

Chemical Removal

You can also use a simple chemical process to remove your tree stump. The process involves drilling some holes into the remaining bit and pouring in the chemical remover. Once you have the remover inside the stump, leave it alone for several weeks. The chemical agent will slowly decompose the stump and make it easy to remove. You can uproot it once it is soft enough for removal. 

Rotting the Stump

You can also speed up the biological rotting process for the stub. The tree care expert helps you by drilling holes on the surface. They will pour water and some compost to speed up the rotting process. You can chip away the rotten remains without too much struggle. 

These are simple and effective ways that tree removal experts can help you handle stumps in your yard. With their help, you will remove the eyesore and have your beautiful yard back.