3 Risks Of Keeping A Tree Stump In Your Garden

After you remove a tree from your garden, also plan to remove the remaining stump. Tree stumps are not only unsightly, they also pose great danger to you and your loved ones. Worse still, they take up too much unnecessary space on your property.

Check out a few common hazards that tree stumps present in your garden.

Pest Infestation

Once you cut down a tree, the remaining tree stump often decomposes. The decaying wood in the tree stump becomes a favorite meal for ants, beetles, termites, and other crawlers, so pests will likely invade the tree stump. In some instances, ants can build nests in the tree stump. Before long, the ants spread to other plants and into your house. 

If your area is prone to termite infestations, no wood should exist in your yard if you want to keep termites at bay. Termites can attack your home and compromise its structural integrity. Tree stumps are also a haven for fungi, rodents, snakes, and diseases that can invade not only other shrubs and trees, but also parts of your home. You will then need to spend a ton of money to eliminate this invasion. 

So, get rid of tree stumps in your yard to avoid pest infestation and unnecessary expenses. 

Risk of Accidents 

Tree stumps increase accident risks in your garden. These stumps (especially low-height ones) can be a trip and toe-stubbing hazard for guests who don't know their way around your yard.  

You can also get severely injured if you fall on a tree stump. Moreover, your kids will constantly sustain cuts and bruises on their skin as they play. As a result, your kids might avoid playing outside altogether and miss out on the benefits of outdoor play. Low-height stumps are also a major hazard for senior citizens. 

A tree stump is quite an inconvenience on your property because you have to work around it as you maintain your landscape. Otherwise, you could hurt yourself or destroy your landscaping equipment if a weed-eater tool or mower blade strikes a tree stump. 

Extra Growth Problems

Some tree stumps continue to grow after you leave them alone in the garden. The small trees that grow out of your tree stump can cause issues in your yard. Firstly, these small trees suck nutrients and minerals from your soil. As a result, other trees, flowers, and plants in your yard won't thrive due to competing for nutrients. 

In addition, the roots from a living stump can damage your sidewalks, pipes, or your home's foundation, which will cost a fortune to restore. Remove tree stumps quickly to keep your landscape and plumbing system in good shape.

The next time you down a tree, plan to have the tree stump removed right away. You can hire tree stump removal professionals to eliminate tree stumps and keep your property free of the issues above.