Why Annual Tree Trimming Is A Smart Investment

When you consider the cost of having your trees trimmed every year, it seems easy to shrug off this service and declare it unnecessary. Why spend a few hundred dollars when trees in the wild do just fine without trimming? Well, as it turns out, you get more than pretty trees when you pay for annual tree trimming appointments. It's actually a smart investment that will save you more money down the road. Here's how. 

Tree Trimming Saves Your Roof

If your trees are anywhere close to your home, they will begin casting shade on your roof when the branches reach a certain length. This is not good for your roof. Too much shade keeps the roof from drying after a rainstorm, which can lead to moss growth and premature deterioration. If the branches start actually rubbing on or touching your roof, that's even worse because the friction will wear away the shingle granules. Paying a little money to have your trees trimmed each year will protect your roof and allow you to delay that expensive roof replacement much longer.

Tree Trimming Prevents Disease

Trees are prone to a number of fungal diseases. Some of these are more treatable than others. For a serious disease like oak wilt, your only real option is to have the tree taken down. Some other fungal diseases can be treated, but with fungicide injections, which are not cheap. Having your trees trimmed each year helps create space between branches so the air can flow through. This, in turn, keeps your tree dry and less prone to infection. It costs less to trim a tree than to remove it or treat it for disease.

Tree Trimming Prevents Injuries

When a tree trimmer works on your tree, one of their core goals is to remove any branches that are dead, dying, or lacking structural soundness. Removing these branches early on can prevent them from falling off the tree and injuring someone. Being hit by a falling tree branch is obviously not fun, and neither is paying the associated medical bills. You're far less likely to end up in this scenario if you have your trees trimmed.

Tree trimming does cost some money, but it is money well spent. Talk to a tree care company, such as Falling Branch Tree Services, LLC, in your area to get a quote for the services you need, and also to learn more about the benefits of tree trimming.