Emergency Tree Services

When you hear the word "emergency," you might imagine ambulances or emergency rooms. But sometimes, trees can cause emergency issues. That's why there are emergency tree care services. You can call them to come to trim or remove a tree as soon as possible. So, when might you need to call an emergency tree service? Here are some of the most common tree emergencies that warrant a call to one of these companies.

A Tree Has Fallen or Dropped a Branch on Your Home

Sometimes a storm can blow a tree over or cause a large branch to fall off of a tree, landing on your home. Your home will likely be damaged by this event, and the home damage might be your immediate concern. But before a roofer or siding expert can really fix the damage to your home, the tree will need to be removed from on top of the home. An emergency tree removal company can do this. They have the equipment to reach and remove the tree, chunk by chunk, without doing any more damage to your home in the process. Once the tree is out of the way, you can call the repair team to come work on your house.

A Tree Is About to Fall on Power Lines

When trees fall on power lines, they can take out the power supply for entire neighborhoods. Ideally, you want a tree removed before things actually get to this point. If you see a tree that is about to fall on power lines or have a branch fall on power lines, you should call a tree removal company ASAP. This may not be as urgent of an emergency as if the tree were already on the power lines. But it is an emergency nonetheless.

A Tree Has a Big Split in It

If a tree has a big split in the trunk, or if there is a big split between the trunk and one of the main branches, then you are facing a tree emergency. The split could widen at any time, causing the tree or branch to fall over. This is especially concerning if the tree is near your home or other structures. Call an emergency tree service before you also have to repair a structure.

The situations above are some tree-related emergencies. Treat them as such, and contact an emergency tree care service in your area. You'll be glad you did!