What To Do Before You Choose A Hardscaping Contractor

Excellent hardscaping services actualize your dream landscape. So, you want to hire a hardscape company that best fits your project. Follow these guidelines to choose the ideal hardscaping services contractor.

Examine Previous Work

Most contractors have websites where you can check a representation of their previous work. So, look for a portfolio of past projects to understand the contractor's creativity and expertise. Photos may not always give you the exact picture of what's on the ground. So, you could request the contractor to provide an address of previous job sites. Then, you can look at the quality up close and speak to previous customers if needed. 

Also, most reputable contractors have reviews that you can check online.

Ask About Insurance and Guarantees

Hardscaping services involve many procedures and equipment that could cause accidents or property damage. So, opt for a fully insured contractor to cover damages or injuries that could happen to employees on your property.

Hardscaping services may also prove to be costly. However, guarantees inform you that the hardscaping contractor is confident that your project will last for years. So, opt for a hardscape contractor who provides a warranty for your project.

Ask About the Project Design

Some contractors do the design and project, while others work on projects with an established design. So, ask if your potential contractor can design or work with a designer who provides a vision of your future space up-front.

Also, ask if your contractor charges a fee for consultation and design. With a hardscape design project, you are better positioned to plan around the available space. Besides, a design reduces the chances of errors and ensures you agree with the contractor concerning the scope of work.

Ask About Communication

A team of subcontractors often performs hardscaping services. So, you'll want to have a person to contact if you have problems or questions. Ask whether your contractor has a dedicated person to speak to about your property's individual needs. A specific point person guarantees that you won't have to go through different channels to meet your needs.

Excellent communication shows that your hardscape contractor has a genuine concern for your needs. Besides, you can only handle issues that arise along the way if you keep in touch with your contractor. So, you'll want a contractor with good customer service and excellent communication.


Hardscaping services provide many benefits to your property. Nonetheless, the only way to get the best out of your investment is to work with a hardscaping contractor who offers excellent quality. Therefore, use the above tips while choosing a hardscaping contractor.

Contact a local hardscaping service to learn more.