Dangers Of DIY Tree Trimming

Trimming is an integral part of tree care. That's why arborists recommend that you trim your trees yearly. Sadly, most people do DIY tree trimming instead of hiring tree care professionals. You might have gotten away with DIY tree trimming, but it's considered dangerous. Here is why you ought to avoid DIY tree trimming. 

Tree Damage

Tree care isn't an easy thing, as most people assume. That's why arborists and tree care professionals need experience and skills to trim trees. Unfortunately, DIY tree trimming doesn't always go as expected. You might cut the branches wrongly and injure the tree's trunk. Besides, over-trimming can also be a huge problem. Therefore, you should avoid DIY tree trimming at all costs. 

Falling Off the Tree

Climbing trees isn't easy—it takes skill and courage to do it. Besides, you'll need safety gear to prevent you from falling. And since you might not have the skills and climbing gear, you should avoid trimming tall trees. This way, you won't expose yourself to danger. It only takes a minor mistake for you to fall off the tree. So, don't be tempted to do any tree trimming if you lack the necessary climbing equipment.

Electrocution and Electrical Fires

Tree trimming has its fair share of troubles. Sometimes, you'll have to trim trees whose branches are touching the power lines. In such cases, you must be careful not to touch the power lines. Coming into contact with the power line can electrocute you. And as you know, some power lines carry high voltage that can quickly kill you. 

Apart from electrocution, you also need to be cautious not to cause electrical fires. Electrical fires can easily break out if two live wires come together. So, to avoid all these accidents, invite a professional tree trimming company to do the job.

Risk of Falling Branches

Tree trimming involves cutting both small and large branches. And since some branches are too big and heavy, you wouldn't want them to fall on you or your loved ones. Unfortunately, this is always a huge possibility when doing DIY tree trimming. You can, however, avoid such possibilities by hiring a professional tree care company to do the job. At least these arborists will take control of the situation, and you won't have to worry about the branches falling on your kids or pets. 

Roof Damage

Trimming trees close to your home can cause damage to your roof. The falling branches can damage your shingles or aluminum sheets. As such, you shouldn't attempt DIY tree trimming, especially on trees near your house. Always call the experts to deal with such situations.

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