Signs You May Want To Remove The Tree Next To Your House

At first, it may seem really nice to have a tree right next to your house. You may like looking out your window and seeing its green leaves. You may even enjoy the shade it casts on your home, which may help keep it cooler during the summer. But as time goes on, trees planted too close to homes can sometimes become a nuisance. Some homeowners actually end up having such trees removed because they are problematic. What are some signs that you may want to have the tree next to your home removed? Take a look. 

Your sewer line is clogged with roots.

Tree roots love water. If the tree is planted anywhere near your sewer line, then its roots may find their way into your sewer line. They'll eventually cause clogs and backups. In the short term, you can have a plumber grind out the roots and sleeve the pipe, but these are really just temporary fixes. Removing the tree is the best permanent fix to protect your plumbing.

Your roof is suffering.

Having a tree overhanging your roof is not good for the roof for a few reasons. First, if any tree branches come into contact with the roof, they may scrape against it whenever the wind blows. In the process, they may scrape granules off the shingles. This leaves the shingles more prone to damage. The shade a tree casts on the roof also tends to keep the roof overly moist, which can lead to mold growth. Plus, tree debris can drop on the roof and trap moisture against it.

If your roof is showing signs of damage, the best approach is often to remove the tree before you replace the roof. This way, your new roof won't suffer the same fate.

The tree is approaching power lines.

Trees and power lines don't mix. The power company may come through and trim the tree back periodically, but this can be a lot of maintenance once a tree reaches a certain height. Removing the tree tends to be the safest bet. Make sure you hire a tree removal company with experience working near power lines.

Having a big tree right next to your house is not always a good thing. If the tree appears to be doing more harm than good, you should not feel guilty about having it removed. Call a tree removal company, such as J&L Tree Service Inc., to learn more.