The Perks Of Hiring A Tree Service Company

When a sudden storm rolls through, it tends to take its toll on our property. Whether it's ice, wind, or both, trees take the brunt of the storm, leaving a path of destruction behind. If you have a tree that is ready to fall or branches leaning on your home, it's time to call in the pros. Here are some perks to contacting your local tree service company for assistance. 

Tree Companies Practice Safety Measures

Just because you have a chainsaw and a ladder doesn't mean it's safe to take down a big tree or hanging branch. Trimming trees of any kind can be dangerous. Because of the unsteadiness of climbing a tree and not knowing its weak spots, you are at high risk of a catastrophic fall. This can lead to extreme injury or worse. 

Climbing a tree that is healthy and sturdy is one thing, but one that is broken or has hidden weak spots is risky. Getting in touch with your local tree services company is a much safer option. 

They Have the Equipment to Tackle Big Jobs

Tree service companies have industrial-sized chainsaws and lifts to help reach broken branches. This makes removing tall trees a lot easier than cutting them from the base. They will target weak areas within the tree and secure specific spots before taking the tree completely down. This also includes removing large branches and stumps that may have been left behind from the storm.  

If using a ladder or cherry lift, they are fully secured with ropes and safety straps to help prevent accidental falls. Tree services companies work together and there is never just one person tearing down a tree. A complete analysis of tree damage in proximity to other trees, homes, and outbuildings is also important. This helps them come up with the best plan for removal with minimal damage to other structures during the process. 

Full Clean Up and Haul Away

In general, most tree removal companies will cut down and haul away the tree, branches in debris. They may contract with other companies for clean-up, or you can choose not to have this service. Some people will use the fallen tree for firewood for their own personal use. 

The result involves a safer space and a reduced risk of the tree and branches falling and damaging more of your property. Be sure to ask for a complete run-down of services from the tree company, especially if you need to forward this information to your insurance company. 

Trees add beauty to the property, but with that beauty can bring destruction. Whether you need to trim up some tall branches or take a damaged tree the rest of the way down, call your local tree service contractor today and set up an appointment. 

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