What Can A Tree Care Company Do For A Young Tree That's Not Growing

Do you have a young tree on your property that does not seem to be growing as it should? It's important to acknowledge that trees do grow quite slowly. So, you may want to watch the tree more closely for a few months to see whether you notice a change as the seasons change. If you are still convinced that the tree is not growing as it should, then reach out to a tree care service. There are three core services they offer that are often helpful for slow-growing young trees. 

Therapeutic Trimming

Trimming a tree might seem like an odd solution for slow growth. After all, trimming just makes branches shorter! But sometimes, a tree might not be growing simply because it has too many branches for its size to support. Removing some of the less healthy or less robust branches will mean that more nourishment remains for the branches that are left behind. These remaining branches can then grow longer as a result.

Don't attempt a therapeutic trim yourself. If you remove the wrong branches, then you risk doing more harm than good. A professional trimmer will know which branches to remove and which to leave behind. And they'll know if a therapeutic trim is even the right choice for your tree.

Deep Fertilization

Deep fertilization is the process of injecting fertilizer or nutrients into the soil near the tree's roots. This can help provide the tree with any nutrients that may be missing from your soil. Often, a tree care professional will first test the soil to see what's missing, and then they will fertilize with the nutrients that are lacking. Deep fertilization can have faster results than simply applying fertilizer to the surface since the tree will be able to access the nutrients right away.

Deep Watering

Young trees often have under-developed root systems. So, they may not be able to take up all the moisture they need when rain has been scarce. Deep watering means inserting water below the soil, right where the tree's roots are located. This can be done in conjunction with deep fertilization if needed. A few deep watering sessions may be all your young tree needs to start growing sufficiently again.

If your young tree is barely growing or is not getting any taller, contact a tree service in your area. They can come to take a look and determine which of the above services is best suited to its needs.