Signs That Your Trees Need 24/7 Emergency Tree Care

Trees are one of the gifts of nature that add beauty to the environment. They offer shade during a hot day and are home to various bird species. Though trees are essential elements of the environment, there are times when they could pose a threat, especially when they become damaged or unhealthy. Now, this is where emergency tree care comes in. Emergency tree care involves providing prompt attention to trees that pose a threat to their surroundings. This blog post will be discussing the signs that show you require 24/7 emergency tree care.

The Tree is Leaning: A tree leaning at an angle is a sign of a compromise in its structural integrity, which occurs due to root damage, storm damage, or high winds. Whenever you notice a tree that leans more than fifteen degrees from its vertical, you should be alarmed. A leaning tree can quickly become a hazard to its surroundings, leading to safety concerns.

Visible Damage: When a tree is damaged, it poses a serious threat to individuals and property within its surroundings. Damage to the tree could result from a disease outbreak, harsh weather conditions, or other external factors. When you notice damaged tree limbs or branches, it is a sure sign that you require 24/7 emergency tree care.

Presence of Cracks in the Trunk: Cracks in a tree are another significant sign that you require emergency tree care services. Cracks could occur due to the tree being hit by storm debris, the tree's age, or a disease infestation. If the crack in the tree is less than a quarter-inch deep, it might not result in a significant hazard. However, if the crack is deeper than a quarter-inch, you should seek emergency tree care.

Falling Debris: Another sign that you need emergency tree care services is the presence of falling debris. If you notice twigs, branches, or any other debris constantly falling from the tree, it is a sign of inherent danger to its surroundings. When you observe this, contact an emergency tree care professional immediately.

Presence of Fungi or Mushrooms: Fungi and mushrooms do not favor healthy trees. When these organisms begin to grow around the base of a tree, it is a sure sign that you require 24/7 emergency tree care. Fungi and mushrooms are indicators of rot or decay on the tree, which could cause a safety risk.

Your trees are essential elements of your environment and require care to prevent them from becoming a safety risk. Monitoring your trees for signs of damage and decay is key to ensuring the safety of your surroundings. If you notice any of the signs discussed in this blog post, it is time to seek the help of a 24/7 emergency tree care service. They have the right tools and expertise to handle any situation that might arise from the threat posed by the tree. Remember, it’s better to take action now before it’s too late.