3 Risks Of Keeping A Tree Stump In Your Garden

After you remove a tree from your garden, also plan to remove the remaining stump. Tree stumps are not only unsightly, they also pose great danger to you and your loved ones. Worse still, they take up too much unnecessary space on your property. Check out a few common hazards that tree stumps present in your garden. Pest Infestation Once you cut down a tree, the remaining tree stump often decomposes.

Improve Your Backyard Pool With Tree Removal Services

A backyard pool is an excellent feature to have as someone with a family. You can use the pool with your partner and children regularly and get even more use when inviting guests. However, you may have noticed your family starting to avoid the pool some time ago. While this can happen for many reasons, you may want to solve the problem to get your family using the pool again. Removing a tree can give you the solution you desire to solve numerous issues.

Did You Remain With A Stump After Tree Removal? Here Is How To Remove It

If you own property with trees, you have likely had several removed over the years. Tree removal leaves behind stumps, which can become another complication. First, they are a complete eyesore on an otherwise beautiful landscape. Besides this, they can become breeding grounds for moss, lichen, and pests. It is advisable to remove them when you realize they are becoming a problem for your yard. Here are four options that tree removal experts offer when it comes to removal.

Is Stump Grinding A Good Option? 5 Questions To Ask

How to best deal with a stump after a tree removal is a common question. Most people decide to leave it in place or grind it out, but grinding it out is often the best choice.  1. Is the Stump Highly Visible? A stump can detract from the appearance of your landscaping, particularly if your lawn and yard feature a groomed and more formal look. Although some people try to dress stumps up in a decorative manner, over time they tend to begin rotting and looking bad anyway.

What Happens During Stump Grinding?

Trees can take a lot of punishment before they eventually begin to decline. The same is true of tree roots. Because tree roots contain all the life-giving nutrients and water that trees need to survive, they can live on after a tree has been removed. This is why most tree services recommend that you remove both trees and their stumps during a removal. If you've never hired a stump grinding service before, then you may not know what the process entails.